December 2018

New Features and Updates for Direct Access Users

Improvement Description Benefit to Users
Adjusted the View/Search cases drop-down field so that it is responsive with multiple device screen sizes.
  • Enables users to view content on different screen sizes to improve readability.
Added functionality to account for one-time federal holidays in E Verify.
  • Ensures employers and employees have the appropriate amount of time to create a case in E-Verify and/or take action on a Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC).
Fixed a bug that caused corporate administrators to receive emails addressed to the wrong type of user (employer agents) when enrolling new companies within the corporate account.
  • Ensures corporate administrators receive enrollment confirmation emails addressed to the correct type of user.

New Features and Updates for Web Service Users

Improvement Description Benefit to Users
Fixed a bug preventing WS users associated with a company in pending termination status from being able to confirm case details.
  • Enables WS users to review and process existing case details when their company’s account is in pending termination status.

E-Verify Incidents

Incident Description
On December 5, 2018, the E-Verify system experienced sporadic outages beginning at 7:10 am Eastern. The site was back up by 5:10pm Eastern.
On December 22, 2018, E-Verify was offline due to the partial government shutdown and was unavailable during this time.
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