Web Services

What is the E-Verify Web services access method?

The E-Verify Web services access method allows an employer to connect with E Verify by using customized software in addition to connecting with E-Verify by Web browser.

Why offer this option?

Some employers prefer to use software that customizes their interface with E-Verify. This access method provides the structure for development or procurement of software that integrates with existing business processes and tools.

How does this option compare with other access methods?

Web services is one of four E-Verify access methods:

  • Employer Access – Allows a company to perform employment eligibility verifications.

    Most participants are enrolled under this access method.

  • E-Verify Employer Agent – Allows an individual or company to act on behalf of other companies to perform employment eligibility verifications.

    This includes creating cases for new hires and for existing employees assigned to a federal contract.

  • Corporate Administrators – Used only for managing multiple employer accounts and does not create or manage E-Verify cases.

    Corporate administrator account users can produce and view E-Verify case reports, but are NOT able to create and manage E-Verify cases.

  • Web Services – Requires a company to develop software that interfaces with E-Verify to perform employment eligibility verifications.

    Both employers and E-Verify employer agents are eligible to use this access method.

What are the software requirements for E-Verify Web services?

Participants will receive an Interface Control Agreement that includes the information needed to develop and test software products.

What are the policies and procedures of E-Verify Web services?

The following Memorandums of Understanding provide the guidelines and responsibilities for:

What are the training requirements for E-Verify Web services users?

The training requirements are different from E-Verify browser users. Please read:

Training Requirements and Guidelines for Web Services Users (PDF).

E-Verify for Web Services Users

Learn about methods to access web services, as well as software and training requirements. This webinar, useful for users who plan to develop their own software to access E-Verify is eligible for 1 professional development credit through SHRM and HRCI.

Estimated duration: 1 hour.


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