E-Verify Videos

Welcome to the E-Verify video library: View our E-Verify videos to learn about E-Verify’s many features and learn how E-Verify can benefit you and your business.

E-Verify Benefits

E-Verify is a web-based system that allows enrolled employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. This video showcases the benefits of using E-Verify for employers.

E-Verify NextGen

E-Verify NextGen modernizes and streamlines the Form I-9 and verification process for employees and employers.

E-Verify NextGen

This is a video that describes E-Verify NextGen, which is a fully integrated Form I-9 and electronic verification process which provides employees with more control of their information, by enabling them to enter their own personal data and documentation.

E-Verify Enrollment

Confirm with Confidence. Enroll in E-Verify for fast and efficient employment eligibility verification.

How to enroll in E-Verify

This video provides a step by step walkthrough of the E-Verify Enrollment Process.

E-Verify Case Processing

How to Create new E-Verify Case

This video shows how to create and submit cases in E-Verify.

How to Process and Refer an E-Verify TNC Case

This video shows how to process and refer a Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC) case.

How to Close an E-Verify Case

This video shows how to close a case in E-Verify.

E-Verify for Small Businesses

This E-Verify Small Business Series video highlights the benefits of E-Verify for small business owners. Enroll with confidence.

What drives your success?

Drive your small business success with E-Verify.

What sums up your success?

Make E-Verify part of your small business success.

What sustains your success?

Sustain your small business success with E-Verify.

What shapes your success?

Shape your small business success with E-Verify.

How do you define success?

Your small business success definition includes E-Verify.

Employee Rights

Employee Rights & Form I-9

This brief video explains your rights under Form I-9.

Employee Rights & E-Verify

This brief video explains your rights under E-Verify.


myE-Verify Overview

Protect your identity, confirm your own employment eligibility, learn your rights, and follow your E-Verify case. It's easy and free!

How to Create a myE-Verify Account

This video shows how to create myE-Verify Account.

myE-Verify Self Lock

This video explains what is Self Lock and how you can activate this myE-Verify service.

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