Upload My Documents

myUpload is a feature from myE-Verify that allows you to electronically upload images of your documentation to help resolve your E-Verify or Self Check DHS Tentative Nonconfirmation (Mismatch). This new free feature can expedite confirming your employment eligibility and resolving your mismatch by electronically submitting documentation through a computer or smart device. In the case of an E-Verify mismatch, you should expect your employer to notify you of the mismatch in private and provide you a Further Action Notice to help you understand the mismatch process. The Further Action Notice includes the steps for using myUpload to help resolve a mismatch. Users are still required to contact DHS after uploading their documents.

  • Read your Further Action Notice;
  • Upload the required documents into myUpload by scanning and transmitting the documents into a computer, or by taking pictures with your smart device;
  • Verify you are satisfied with the images you uploaded; and
  • Follow the instructions in your Further Action Notice to let us know you are done.