November 2018

New Features and Updates for Direct Access Users

Improvement Description Benefit to Users
Deployed 508 compliance updates to improve accessibility of Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC) Further Action Notice PDFs.
  • Allows persons with disabilities to more easily read the TNC Further Action Notice.
Corrected the date format in Referral Date Confirmation from YYYY-MM-DD to MM-DD-YYYY.
  • Displays the populated date in the correct format, to avoid confusion.

New Features and Updates for Web Service Users

Improvement Description Benefit to Users
Corrected data inaccuracies in the self-test document for cases that should receive Employment Authorized.
  • Allows WS users to successfully conduct tests to determine if their systems are working properly with our data partners.
Fixed a bug that caused WS users to receive an error when they tried to submit a case but did not include the driver’s license document number. This bug occurred only for cases created (but not submitted) before the driver's license enhancements release on Nov. 11, 2018.
  • Allows WS users to update cases created (but not submitted) before Nov. 11, 2018.
Fixed a bug that caused an error when a WS user attempted to download a Referral Date Confirmation notice after the agency placed the case in Case in Continuance.
  • Gives employers the ability to download Referral Date Confirmation notices for all referred TNCs.
Improved clarity of TNC statuses in the emulator.
  • Distinguishes which TNCs are resolved when using the test site, reducing WS users’ confusion.
Fixed a bug that prevented WS companies in pending termination status from taking action on cases.
  • Allows WS companies in pending termination status to update and close their remaining cases.
Resolved an issue where WS users received an unmapped error message saying “Insufficient privileges for current operation…”
  • Eliminated the unmapped error so WS users will no longer receive insufficient privileges for current operations, enabling them to create, manage, and view cases.
Improved emulator testing by displaying the current status of referred TNCs and indicating which types of TNCs are associated with each case.
  • Improves the WS users’ experience when testing with the emulators.

E-Verify Incidents

Incident Description
On 11/20/2018, E-Verify system users experienced an outage beginning at noon where they were not able to access the website. Those who were able to access the site experienced delays and timeouts. Issues were resolved and traffic to E-Verify stabilized by 12:42 p.m.
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