September 2018

Improvement Description Benefit to Users
Fixed a bug preventing some general users from seeing all cases associated with their company profile.
  • Provides employers more flexibility to create and work cases.
Deployed an update ensuring web service systems receive an error message when users fail to enter an A#, I-94# or foreign passport for aliens authorized to work or lawful permanent residents who use a List B/C document for their Form I-9.
  • Ensures that cases are not created with incorrect data.
Deployed an update ensuring that passport card numbers are no longer case sensitive.
  • Reduces TNCs associated with the case sensitive requirement.
Fixed a bug preventing the duplicate case alert feature from appearing for cases created by E-Verify employer agents.
  • Reduces unnecessary duplicate case creation by E-Verify employer agents.
Fixed a bug that did not properly save information on the “Are You Sure?” page.
  • Ensures that the changes on the “Are You Sure?” page are correctly saved.
Deployed 508 compliance updates to E-Verify.
  • Enhances the system to allow persons with disabilities to more easily access E-Verify.
Fixed a bug that displayed the incorrect phone number on the DHS Further Action Notice.
  • Ensures accurate agency contact information is provided to employees.
Updated E-Verify so that users must identify if the employee provided a driver’s license or State ID card.
  • Specifies which type of document is being provided.
Added the driver’s license number to the “Are You Sure?’ page.
  • Displays the driver’s license number field so the user can update it if needed.
Added the State dropdown field to the “Are you sure?” page.
  • Displays the state dropdown field so the user can update it if needed.
Updated the Review Case and View/Print pages so that they display whether or not the employee provided a driver’s license or State ID card.
  • Specifies which type of document is being provided.
Expanded the driver’s license check to include additional states.
  • Checks more state driver’s licenses and state IDs in order to reduce fraud.
Expanded the number of acceptable validations for the driver’s license document number field.
  • Ensures that users can enter the full driver’s license number.
Updated E-Verify so that users receive a response on driver’s license Tentative Nonconfirmations within 30 calendar days.
  • Ensures that if an employee visits the DMV their case is updated within a specific timeframe.
Added Puerto Rico (PR) to the driver’s license/State ID dropdown field.
  • Expands driver’s license verification for individuals who provide a driver’s license or state ID from Puerto Rico.
Addressed a bug causing users to receive a “422” error.
  • Resolves issues that interrupted case processing caused by invalid or missing data.

E-Verify Incidents

Incident Description
September 10, 2018 – Communication issues with a partner system that began at 10 a.m. caused cases to be queued for an hour. The issue was resolved by 11:30 a.m.
September 11, 2018 – Firewall challenges that began at 12:45 pm blocked use of the E-Verify for website users for five hours. The issue was resolved at 6:25 pm.
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