The search tool covers currently enrolled employers, federal contractors, and E-Verify Employer Agent (EEAs) in E-Verify through December 31, 2018. Federal contractors self report whether their contract has the E-Verify FAR clause. The search tool contains the following:

  • Business name (the name used during registration with E-Verify, it can be the legal name of the business or individual, a trade name or abbreviation)
  • Federal Contractor Identifier (yes/no)
  • E-Verify Employer Agent (EEA) (yes/no)
  • Employer city, state and ZIP code used at registration
  • Workforce size (five or more)


  • The search tool only includes employers, federal contractors, and E-Verify employer agents who have self-reported that their company has five or more employees. Read additional caveats (PDF, 160.6 KB) and other useful information below prior to reviewing search results.

Download Full List (CSV, 34.17 MB)

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