Ukrainian Employees with Parole

USCIS recently announced that beginning Feb. 27, 2024, certain Ukrainian citizens and their immediate family members displaced by the Russian invasion and paroled into the United States, will be able to request an extension of parole (re-parole) for up to two additional years.

Parolees that are approved by USCIS for re-parole should print a copy of their electronic Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record from the CBP I-94 Website. An unexpired Form I-94 that shows a class of admission of “UHP” and a most recent date of entry on or before Sept. 30, 2023, is an acceptable document that temporarily shows identity and employment authorization for up to 90 days. These employees should provide a printed Form I-94 if they are newly hired employees or during reverification on Form I-9.

E-Verify employers should not create a case in E-Verify for re-paroled employees unless they are a newly hired employee. 

See Which Ukrainian Parolees and Immediate Family Members Are Employment Authorized Incident to Parole on I-9 Central for more information.