August & September 2019

New Features and Updates

Improvement Description Benefit to Users
Updated the user account reactivation process so that users can reactivate their own account.
  • Allows users to reactivate their own accounts without having to go through their administrator.
Fixed a bug causing the duplicate case check to not activate.
  • Ensures users are made aware of duplicate cases when case information is updated.
Fixed a bug requiring users to enter a ‘Duplicate Continue Reason’ even if the case was not a duplicate.
  • Reduces burden on users by removing unnecessary data entry requirements.
Added a link to the case number in the ‘Duplicate Case Check’ screen.
  • Reduces the steps taken by users to access and work cases flagged during the ‘Duplicate Case’ process.

New Features and Updates for WS Providers

Improvement Description Benefit to Users
Fixed a bug causing web service users to receive errors when the ‘Other Last Names Used’ field is submitted with a null value.
  • Allows web service users to submit null values for the ‘Other Last Names Used’ field.
Fixed a bug that permitted web service users to enter more characters than E-Verify allows for the ‘Case Creator Name’ and ‘Email Address’ fields.
  • Provides web service users consistency on the number of characters allowed for the ‘Case Creator Name’ and ‘Email Address’ fields.
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