U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) invites you to participate in our E-Verify Account Management Listening Session to provide valuable feedback on your user experience. During the teleconference, USCIS will provide participants the opportunity to share concerns, experiences and ideas about the account management process. Your feedback will support future process improvements.

Users have periodically provided feedback on:

  • Adding a new program administrator after the old administrator has left the organization;
  • Finding out who the program administrator is for an organization when the user needs to reset their password;
  • Terminating an existing account when switching access methods or becoming clients of employer agents;
  • Merging accounts and records when companies go through the mergers and acquisition processes;
  • Re-enrolling client accounts when the employer agent needs to move the account from one of their accounts to another; and
  • Difficulty displaying the signed MOU signature page.

During the E-Verify Account Management Listening Session we will focus on the questions below:

  • What do you like most about the current enrollment, user account and company account management process?
  • What specific challenges have you had in managing your company or user account?
  • What account management functions or features do you benefit from the most? What features, if added, would assist you the most?
  • What areas can we improve upon for enrollment, user account and company account management?
  • How do you manage your user accounts? How do you ensure they are kept up to date?
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