E-Verify.gov Redesigned

E-Verify is continually working to better serve you, and we are pleased to announce a refreshed E-Verify.gov that includes: 

A redesigned homepage which features: 

  • More intuitive navigation features;  
  • News and social media feeds that bring the most important content to the forefront  

Improved navigation and content updates including: 

  • Content changes that will provide a better user experience for both employers and employees; 
  • Overall improved website navigation; and 
  • Updated History & Milestone page now featuring our 25-year history. 

Additional features: 

  • A new more powerful Search Engine, allowing unprecedented case access; 
  • A new In-Page Feedback feature for users to share their experiences; and 
  • Employer Search Tool improvements increasing frequency of available information. 

More changes to come, so check back often! 

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