June 2022

New Features and Updates 

Improvement Description Benefit to Users
Extended the duplicate case lookback period from 30 to 365 days.  Helps E-Verify users avoid creating an unintentional duplicate case.  
Restricted users from creating a duplicate case when another case for the same employee is open.   Ensures E-Verify users follow the correct procedures for managing open duplicate cases. 
Provided capability for a user to view and manage all duplicate cases. Brings awareness to previously created cases on the same employee to avoid unintentional duplicate cases.
Redesigned the Search Cases Page to provide users with the capability to search cases by using a combination of multiple case fields at once.  Provides users with a more robust case search capability.
Provided users the capability to view secondary case attributes without the need to navigate from the current page.  Provides flexibility to view additional case data that wasn’t previously available on the Search Cases Page.
Provided capability to close a case at the Scan and Upload stage of the case creation process.  Reduces the burden to the user by streamlining the process to close a case.  
Required users to download the Further Action Notice before referring a case. Ensures E-Verify users follow the correct procedures when processing a Tentative Nonconfirmation (mismatch) case result. 
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