September 2021

New Features and updates for Web Service Users

Improvement Description Benefit to Users
Extended the duplicate case lookback period from 30 to 365 calendar days
  • Helps web services users avoid creating an unintentional duplicate case
Restricted users from creating a duplicate case when another case for the same employee is open
  • Ensures web services users follow the correct procedures for managing open duplicate cases
Increased the number of results returned during the duplicate case check. The default was 100 cases per page, with the option to return a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 120 per page
  • Allows web services users to view all duplicate cases;
Added a new case delay reason “Awaiting response on a case created with incorrect information”
  • Reduces data entry burden for users
Provided capability to search cases by using a combination of multiple case fields at once
  • Provides web services users with a more robust case search capability
Provided capability to close a case at the Scan and Upload stage of the case creation process
  • Reduces the burden on the user by streamlining the process to close a case
Required users to download the Further Action Notice before referring a case
  • Ensures web services users follow the correct procedures when processing a Tentative Nonconfirmation
Recently Auto-Closed Cases 
  • Provides users quick access to cases that were automatically closed within the past 30 days after receiving an Employment Authorized response. 
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