June 2018

Improvement Description Benefit to Users
Added the ability to close a case from the Review Case Details page.
  • Enables users to close draft cases.
  • Reduces the number of abandoned cases.
Added the ability to close a case from the Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC) page.
  • Allows users to close cases that are in a TNC status if they entered incorrect information.
  • Reduces the number of abandoned cases.
Updated case alerts so that Employment Authorized cases that are automatically closed are not displayed in “Case with New Update”.
  • Ensures that the users only see alerts for cases that they can take action on.
Resolved an issue that incorrectly relocated the cursor to the expiration date field.
  • Reduces scrolling and streamlines completion of E-Verify cases.
Resolved an issue that caused active companies to receive a “Pending Termination” message that prevented them from creating cases.
  • Ensures active companies can create cases.
  • Provides additional information to users during system outages.
Added an automatic logout feature that allows users to end an E-Verify session by closing the browser window.
  • Improves user experience and security by allowing users to log out of E-Verify by closing the browser.
  • Ensures E-Verify correctly records that users are logged out when they close the browser window.
Enhanced the client company dropdown field by providing clear helper text and a loading icon.
  • Improves user understanding of how client dropdown field works.
  • Improves user experience by ensuring users know that a search is in process when searching for clients.
Released updates that allow web service users to receive more descriptive error messages.
  • Improves diagnostics and simplifies responses.
  • Aligns web services interface with the E-Verify website.

E-Verify Incidents

Incident Description
Minor service outages occurred during June 2018 due to issues with data services. E-Verify worked with users to address these issues and notified them as each was resolved.
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