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No, E-Verify NextGen will not replace E-Verify. Instead, NextGen will work together with E-Verify by delivering an integrated Form I-9 and E-Verify Process.

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E-Verify NextGen is different in that it allows for E-Verify participating employers and their newly hired employees to collaborate electronically to complete the Form I-9 and E-Verify process.

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Employees and employers can both benefit from using NextGen.

Employee Benefits:

  • More privacy and security by entering your own personal information.

  • When you get a new job, it's simple to update and share your employment eligibility information and documents with your E-Verify participating employer.

  • You will receive direct notification if you need to take further action to confirm your employment eligibility status.

Employer Benefits:

  • Reduces data entry errors because your employees will enter their personal information directly.

  • Cases are managed in one place as NextGen seamlessly integrates with E-Verify.

  • Increased efficiency as NextGen delivers Further Action Notices directly to employees, so you won't need to, in most cases.

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Employees will access NextGen by creating a secure electronic account in myE-Verify. 

Employers will have access to NextGen in their already established E-Verify account.

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After the employer makes a job offer and the employee accepts that offer, the employer will initiate a NextGen case in E-Verify. This allows the employee to then share their personal information and documentation electronically with their employer using their secure myE-Verify account.  The employer will review the information provided, examine the employee’s Form I-9 documents, sign and retain the Form I-9. This process may change as NextGen is further developed.

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After the employee accepts a job offer, they will receive a unique link to the NextGen case created by their employer.  The employee will then log in or create an account and enter their biographic information, citizenship or immigration status, and acceptable document(s).  Once the employee submits that information, E-Verify will confirm the employee’s identity and employment eligibility and notify the employer. The employer will finish the verification by examining the documents and retaining the Form I-9. This process may change as NextGen in further developed.

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