2.3 Edit Company Profile

Program Administrators must maintain accurate company information in the company profile. The company profile should be updated whenever there is a change in any information contained in the company profile.

To update employer information in E-Verify, complete the steps in the Edit Company Profile – Process Overview. Users may also view the MOU between E-Verify and the employer. Once a program administrator has updated the company’s profile, he or she will be subject to the rules and requirements associated with the profile and have access to all online resources specific to the profile.

Edit Company Profile – Process Overview

  • From Company Account, select Company Profile.
  • To update any section of the Company Information page, click Edit in the section you want to edit (e.g., edit company information, employer category, company address or hiring sites).
  • Make the required changes and click Save.
  • To view MOU, click view current MOU to see the MOU between E-Verify and the employer. If you have trouble viewing your MOU, make sure you have disabled any pop-up blockers and are using the latest version of your PDF viewer software.

IMPORTANT: After clicking Save, the program administrator cannot undo any changes that have been entered without manually re-entering the original information.

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