4.1 Employment Authorized

Most E-Verify cases receive a case result of Employment Authorized. Employment Authorized means that the information entered into E-Verify matched records available to SSA and/or DHS confirming employment eligibility of the employee whose information was entered. E-Verify automatically closes cases resulting in Employment Authorized. You can locate the closed case and view case details in View/Search Cases. See Section 4.2 Case Alerts and View/Search cases for guidance on how to search for and view existing cases in E-Verify. At this stage, you should record the case number on this employee’s Form I-9 or print out the Case Details page and attach it to the Form I-9.

NOTE: Automatic closure only applies to employers directly accessing E-Verify to create cases. If you are using web service software to create cases, you must manually close all cases, including cases resulting in employment authorized.

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