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Upload My Documents | Article

myUpload is a feature from myE-Verify that allows you to electronically upload images of your documentation to help resolve your E-Verify or Self Check DHS Tentative Nonconfirmation (Mismatch)

myE-Verify | Article

Protect your identity, track your E-Verify case, learn your rights and confirm your own employment eligibility.

myE-Verify is a free Web-based service that has something of value for everyone who works or is looking for a job in the United States. E-Verify is for employers; myE-Verify is for workers and job seekers. myE-Verify does NOT enable you to change your citizenship or immigration status. Find out more: How to Correct Your Immigration Record (e-verify.gov)

myE-Verify Privacy Statement | Article

USCIS uses the information you supply to quickly authenticate your identity and to provide you with a secure myE-Verify account and access to the full range of myE-Verify services. USCIS uses a private sector Credential Service Provider (CSP) to establish and maintain your myE-Verify account. When you create a myE-Verify account, your Social Security number will be stored securely.

Employees | Article

If you are an employee or individual seeking employment, your employer may use E-Verify so it’s important that you understand what E-Verify is and how it works. 

We encourage you to learn more about the E-Verify process, including your rights and responsibilities as an employee and how to correct your records if a mismatch is found during the verification process.


Case History | Article

You can use Case History to view where and when your information has been used in E-Verify and Self Check. This feature increases  E-Verify’s transparency and adds to your security.

Employee Self Services | Article

Do you work in the United States? Are you looking for a job? Have you left the workforce? We have something for everyone! Our easy to use and free employee self-services will help you:

  1. Check the status of your E-Verify case

  2. Create a free myE-Verify account and do more:

    Upload your documents to resolve your E-Verify case

myE-Verify Questions and Answers | Article

Get answers to your myE-Verify questions.

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