3.1 Case Results

After Form I-9 information has been entered into E-Verify, E-Verify promptly provides an initial case result. An initial case result is the first, and sometimes final, case result provided by E-Verify. An overview of the case result is listed in the Case Results – Overview.


Employment Authorized

The employee’s information matched records available to DHS and/or SSA.

E-Verify Needs More Time

This case was referred to DHS for further verification.

Tentative Nonconfirmation (Mismatch)

Information did not match records available to DHS and/or SSA. Additional action is required.

Case in Continuance

The employee has contacted DHS or visited an SSA field office, but more time is needed to determine a final case result.

Close Case and Resubmit

DHS or SSA requires that you close the case and create a new case for this employee. This result may be issued when the employee’s U.S. passport, passport card, or driver’s license information is incorrect.

Final Nonconfirmation

E-Verify cannot confirm an employee’s employment eligibility after the employee contacted DHS or visited SSA.

Each case result is unique and may or may not require additional action by you, your client and/or the employee. For specific guidance related to case results, refer to the E-Verify User Manual.


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