E-Verify Evaluations

The E-Verify program is a powerful, efficient, and accurate tool for employers to confirm that their employees are work-authorized. USCIS is constantly improving E-Verify to ensure that employers using it receive excellent customer-focused service and the most accurate information.

The results from each of the studies show that the E-Verify users have confidence in the system, find it straightforward to use and appreciate the amount of customer service they receive when using E-Verify.  

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) benchmarks citizen satisfaction across the federal government including E-Verify. Per the ASCI data illustrated in the chart below, E-Verify has consistently exceeded both the National Average and Federal Gov Average citizen satisfaction year over year since at least 2011.


Findings of the 2014 E-Verify User Survey Report

In 2014, the research firm Westat conducted a survey of recent E-Verify users to gather information on employers’ opinions and experiences with using the program. The study is part of an ongoing evaluation of E-Verify. The survey sample consisted of 3,723 employers randomly chosen from a list of 76,828 eligible employers in the E-Verify Transaction Database.

Below are the E-Verify User Survey Report, Key Findings, and Recommendation:

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