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Attention: Last Chance to Check That You’re Using the Correct E-Verify Log-in Webpage URL! | News Item

Please review and update your bookmarks and saved favorites for accessing the E-Verify system to reflect everify.uscis.gov (with no dash).

Also, please update any material(s) used internally to reflect everify.uscis.gov.

Effective June 25, the URL e-verify.uscis.gov/ (with the dash) and the redirect will be decommissioned.

E-Verify Quick Reference Guide for Clients of E-Verify Employer Agents | Resource

Companies that choose to participate in E-Verify have the option to have an E-Verify employer agent create E-Verify cases on their behalf. This guide will assist you in verifying the employment eligibility of your new hires as the client of an E-Verify employer agent.

Instructions to Download Historic Records Reports in E-Verify | Resource

USCIS annually disposes of E-Verify employer records that are 10 years old or older per the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) records retention and disposal schedule. The Historic Records report provides cases data about each resolved case that is 10 years or older as of December 31, 2012, for those dated on or before December 31, 2012. Click “Reports” along the navigation bar at the top of the page then select “View Reports” from the drop-down menu.

Training Requirements and Guidelines for Web Services Users | Resource

This document provides training requirements and guidelines for employers and E-Verify employer agents that use E-Verify through a Web service. 

Supplemental Guide for E-Verify Employers Agents | Resource

This guide provides a high level overview of the E-Verify process that E-Verify employer agents must follow when using E-Verify on behalf of their clients. 

Quick Reference Guide for E-Verify Enrollment | Resource

This guide is designed to assist you throughout the E-Verify enrollment and user registration process.

How Do I Use E-Verify - "How Do I" Guide for Employers (PDF, 685.52 KB) | Resource

This guide provides basic information to help you become familiar with E-Verify rules and procedures. 

Employers | Article

This section provides information for employers and other participants about the verification process, including detailed instructions on handling an employee’s Tentative Nonconfirmation and other related topics.

Sample Dual Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration Further Action Notice (PDF, 301.14 KB) | Resource

Sample Further Action Notice of Mismatch with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Records and Social Security Administration (SSA) Records.

Sample Social Security Administration Further Action Notice (PDF, 306.24 KB) | Resource

Sample Further Action Notice of Mismatch with Social Security Administration (SSA) Records.

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