REMINDER: Terminating User Accounts for E-Verify Employers and Program Administrators

Employers: An E-Verify user's access must be promptly terminated upon separation from your organization. A good practice is to review and update the existing users whenever staffing changes occur, and also on a regular basis.  Please see the following steps for guidance.

  1. Review your existing users
  2. Delete user accounts when:
    • E-Verify users separate from your organization.
    • A user's role no longer requires them to have access.
  3. Create new user accounts when:
    • E-Verify users begin working for your organization.
    • Users who previously had access with a former employer need to create a new account with the current employer.

Failure to promptly terminate user access upon separation is a violation of the Memorandum of Understanding, Article II, section A3 (PDF).

Program Administrators: Remember that your E-Verify account is associated with your employer. If you are hired by a new employer, you will need to create a new account.  You are prohibited from using your old employer's account to create cases for a new employer.