7.2.2 Delete User Account

Program administrators may delete user accounts by following the steps in the Delete Users – Process Overview.

Delete Users Account - Process Overview

  • Follow the steps in View Existing Users – Process Overview above to find the user whose account needs to be deleted.
  • Click the Delete icon in the row under Actions of the user’s account you wish to delete on the User Summary List page.

Screen capture of Users; and User Deletion Information


  • Select the link for the appropriate User ID to open User Information page.

Screen capture showing the number of users found from search

Screen capture showing the info of the user to be deleted: "Delete User from View/Modify page"

  • Click Delete User

Screen capture showing the info of the user to be deleted with Red Button: "Yes, to Delete User"

  • In both instances, E-Verify displays the information for the user's account you want to delete. Click Yes, Delete User to delete the user’s account.
  • After you click Yes, Delete User, changes will be permanent
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