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 The E-Verify Contact Center is able to answer other questions about the myE-Verify and Self Check services. They can be reached by phone at (855) 804-0296, TTY at (877) 875-6028, or by email: 

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Self Check works with an independent, secure, identity assurance service. This allows Self Check to be confident in the security of the service.

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Self Check requires an USCIS myAccount.  Your identity is verified by information confirmed by Experian.  If you have no credit history in the United States, there could be a delay in creating a cost-free USCIS myAccount.

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A mismatch means that the information you entered in Self Check did not match records available to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and/or the Social Security Administration (SSA). A mismatch case result from Self Check does not necessarily mean that you are not eligible to work in the United States.

DHS Mismatch may occur if:

  • Your name; Alien Registration Number (A-Number); Form I-94 number, Arrival-Departure Record number; and/or foreign passport number are incorrect in DHS records;
  • DHS could not verify your U.S. passport, passport card, or foreign passport information;
  • Your information was not updated in DHS records;
  • Your citizenship or immigration status changed;
  • Your record contains another type of error;
  • You did not enter your information correctly in Self Check;
  • You did not enter your information correctly when you created your myE-Verify account; or
  • You locked your Social Security Number (SSN) in myE-Verify.


An SSA Mismatch may occur if:

  • Your citizenship or immigration status is not current with SSA;
  • You did not report your name change to SSA;
  • Your name, Social Security number, and/or date of birth is incorrect in SSA records;
  • Your SSA records contain another type of error;
  • You did not enter your information correctly in Self Check; or
  • You did not enter your information correctly when you created your myE-Verify account.
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There are several reasons why you may not have passed the quiz.:

  • You may have answered one or more questions incorrectly. Please read each one carefully and consider every answer:
  • There may be errors in the information on file with the credit reporting bureaus. This could cause a question to be generated that you cannot answer correctly; or
  • You may have entered your identifying information incorrectly, causing the independent service to ask questions that you are not able to answer.

If you would like to confirm the accuracy of the information found in your credit reports, you may do so by visiting and requesting free copies of your credit reports. If you find a discrepancy in any of your credit reports, you should follow up with the individual credit reporting agency to correct those records. If you want information on your rights relating to credit reporting, or more detailed information on the steps you can take to correct errors found in your credit reports, please visit

If you have taken these steps and still cannot establish your account, you can contact E-Verify by phone at (855) 804-0296, TTY at (877) 875-6028, or by email at

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To protect your privacy and make the system as secure as possible, myE‑Verify does not store a plain text version of your Social Security number (SSN) or date of birth, but these items are necessary to create the lock. Additionally, you must select challenge questions in case you have to unlock your SSN over the phone.

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This information is needed to match against the federal government records that will confirm your employment authorization.

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You must enter the passcode exactly as it was provided in the text message, telephone call or email. Your passcode expires after 5 minutes. If your passcode doesn’t work, click the RESEND PASSCODE button to receive a new passcode. You must always enter the most recent passcode received.

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Self Check launched in March 2011 as a completely new service offered by the government, and USCIS wanted to make sure that it delivered on our promise of offering U.S. workers employment eligibility information in an accurate and efficient manner. We rolled out Self Check in select states to gain experience in operating the program and ensure that it is accomplished its mission.

As of February 2012, Self Check is available to all U.S. States, District of Columbia, and outlying territories.

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Self Check was initially developed in response to a request by Congress to create a service that U.S. workers could use to check their own employment eligibility status completely separate from the employer focused E-Verify process.

Self Check is the first online service offered directly to the U.S. workforce by the E-Verify Program.

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