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There may be several reasons why a quiz could not be generated for you.

  • You may have moved recently and your credit files and public records do not yet reflect your new address. If so, you can try running a Self Check again using your former residence in the address field.
  • You may have entered information incorrectly, preventing the independent service from locating any records about you.
  • You chose not to provide your Social Security Number. In some cases, providing this additional information may make it easier for the third party identity assurance service to find your records and generate quiz questions for you.
  • You may have attempted to take a quiz too many times recently. In this case, if you need to access Self Check you should wait a few days and try again.
  • You may not have enough of a financial footprint for enough questions to be generated. This can happen if you have entered the country or the workforce recently or you simply have not applied for any type of credit.
  • You may have certain fraud alerts reported to your state or a credit bureau. These fraud alerts are usually created by an individual who was the victim of identity theft or is at a greater risk of becoming a victim.
  • You may have put a security freeze on your credit report.

If you want to confirm the accuracy of the information found in your credit reports you may do so by visiting and requesting free copies of your credit reports. If you find a discrepancy in any of your credit reports you should follow up with the individual credit reporting agency to correct those records. If you want information on your rights relating to credit reporting, or more detailed information on the steps you can take to correct errors found in your credit reports, please visit

Even though an identity assurance quiz could not be generated, you may still be authorized to work in the United States.

Please read the “I am unable to use Self Check. How else can I check my records?” question and answer for alternatives to using Self Check.

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No, Self Check will not affect your ability to get credit. If you look at your credit report after using Self Check, you may see a record a “soft hit” or “soft inquiry” in your report. However, soft hits are not shown to businesses and are not used to calculate your credit score.

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