Appendix A: Corporate Administrator Access

For companies that have multiple E-Verify employer accounts, E-Verify offers an account type called corporate administrator that enables companies to link together their employer accounts for reporting and oversight. This account type has no relation to how your company is organized (i.e., whether or not it is actually a chartered corporation).

Most companies do not need corporate administrator access regardless of whether they are corporations. Corporate administrator access requires more time and effort to set up than the usual employer access setup—so don’t enroll in corporate administrator access unless you are sure you need it. All corporate administrators must attend a training session offered over the Web instead of the self-paced online tutorial that is required of users registered to an employer account.

Unsure whether you need a corporate administrator account? Answer the following questions to determine if corporate administrator access is right for your company:

  • Does your company have more than one location from which your E-Verify users will create and manage E-Verify cases?
  • Does your company need each location to have its own employer account to keep its E-Verify users and cases separate from other locations?

Only if you answered yes to both questions should you enroll your company in corporate administrator access. You do not need corporate administrator access if you have multiple sites, but create and manage E-Verify cases from a single location. If you need help determining whether your company requires corporate administrator access, contact E-Verify Contact Center at 888-464-4218.

Example: John owns five copy centers in Kansas. Each copy center operates with a manager, and there is no central office. At each copy center, the manager completes a Form I-9 for every new employee and files it on site. John plans to have the copy center managers create the E-Verify cases for their own employees. In this example, each copy center is a verification location and a hiring site. In using E-Verify, John has two options.

Option 1 – Employer Access:

John’s first option is to enroll in E-Verify employer access and set up a single company account that will serve all of his copy centers. Although John has five verification locations, E-Verify permits users to enter only one verification location per company account. If John prefers a single company account, he must choose one copy center as his verification location in E-Verify, but can still create E-Verify cases at his other locations. During enrollment, John should indicate his company has five hiring sites. While this option offers John a simple setup and the need to sign just one memorandum of understanding (MOU), he will not be able to monitor usage on a location-by-location basis.

Option 2 – Corporate Administrator Access:

John’s second option is to enroll each copy center in E-Verify employer access and link them together with a corporate administrator account. A corporate administrator account will allow John to manage the accounts of each of his copy centers, but will not allow him to create E-Verify cases. John’s corporate administrator account does not require an MOU; however, he must electronically sign an MOU for each copy center enrolled in E-Verify employer access.

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