3.0 After Enrollment

After you complete steps 1 through 12 of the enrollment process, E-Verify compares your company information with our list of companies already enrolled. E-Verify will approve your company’s enrollment and send confirmation e-mails to your company’s program administrator(s). Most people receive a confirmation e-mail within a few minutes. You should check your e-mail inbox as well as your spam or junk mail folders because e-mails may be mistakenly marked as spam. However, if your account is found to be a duplicate, the process may be delayed.

If we find your company is already enrolled, or if we need additional information to approve your company’s enrollment, the E-Verify Contact Center will contact the person who signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) generally within two business days of your enrollment submission. After two business days, if you haven’t heard from us, contact the E-Verify Contact Center at 888-464-4218. Please do not try to re-enroll your company as it will further delay your enrollment.

Employers are required to clearly display the Notice of E-Verify Participation and Right to Work posters in English and Spanish, both of which appear below. Employers may also display the posters in other languages provided by DHS.

Display the posters in a prominent place that is clearly visible to prospective employees and all employees who will have their employment eligibility verified with E-Verify. In order for employees, applicants and the public to have the most recent and complete information regarding E-Verify, employers should replace their participation posters when updates are provided by DHS. In addition, E-Verify recommends providing a copy of these posters with job application materials, either online or in hard copy.

E-Verify conducts account compliance activities to ensure proper use of E-Verify. It is important that you comply with all of the requirements you agreed to when you enrolled in E-Verify.

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