10.2 Using Web Services

We are now able to support federal contractor access via Web services on Interface Control Document versions 17 and higher. All versions of Web services currently in use support the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

The Web services access method requires a company to develop software that interfaces with E-Verify to perform employment eligibility verifications of newly hired employees. Your company’s software will extract data from your existing system, or an electronic Form I-9, and transmit the information to government databases. If you choose this option, you will be sent the Employer Web services Interface Control Document. The Interface Control Document contains the information you need to develop and test your software interface.

Federal contractors using the services of a Web services E-Verify employer agent must notify the Web services E-Verify employer agent when it receives a contract with the FAR clause. The Web services E-Verify employer agent must update the client’s organization designation to ‘Federal Contractor with FAR E-Verify Clause’ in E‑Verify within 30 calendar days of the contract award.

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