A duplicate cases found alert appears for a case that contains the same information found in one or more cases created within the last 30 days under the same employer account. Receiving a duplicate cases found alert does not necessarily mean that you should not proceed with the new case you are creating. There may be valid reasons for an employer to create a new case for the same employee, such as if the previous case contains incorrect information. However, all cases must be closed in order for the cases to be considered complete. Review the situation and decide whether to continue with the present case and close any open duplicate cases that may have been created in error. Follow the steps in the Duplicate Cases Found Alert – Process Overview.


  • The Duplicate Cases Found alert displays all cases created under this employer account within the last 30 days using duplicate information. Before proceeding with a new case, you should close all open duplicate cases.
  • Open cases will have a blue Close Case next to the Case Number.
  • To close an individual case, click Close case.
  • To close multiple open cases, click Close all cases.
  • All cases closed from within this alert will be closed as duplicate cases.
  • Close case next to the Case Number will be inactive for closed cases. If all cases displayed in the alert have been closed, Close all cases will be inactive.
  • If you decide to continue processing a duplicate case listed in this alert, you may abandon the current case with no further action, as the case has not been created yet.

NOTE: Program administrators and general users can update and close all cases previously created under the same employer account, regardless of who created the case.

  • screen capture showing "Duplicate Cases Found" ERROR
  • To continue the case without closing duplicate cases, click Continue anyway.
  • If you select Continue anyway in error,  you may to click Back and return to the list of duplicate cases.
  • If you click Continue anyway,  you must enter a reason for continuing the case without closing previous cases.
  • Once you’ve typed a reason in the text box, Click Continue.
  • screen capture showing "results page" Continue with Existing Case
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