3.0 Case Results

E-Verify checks information entered against records available to SSA and DHS. Once a case is created, a result is displayed. The chart below provides an overview of the case results that E-Verify may return. This section provides additional information on each case result.


Employment Authorized

The employee’s information matched records available to SSA and/or DHS.

E-Verify Needs More Time

This case was referred to DHS for further verification.

Tentative Nonconfirmation (Mismatch)

Information did not match records available to SSA and/or DHS. Additional action is required.

Case in Continuance

The employee has visited an SSA field office or contacted DHS, but more time is needed to determine a final case result.

Close Case and Resubmit

SSA or DHS requires that you close the case and create a new case for this employee. This result may be issued when the employee’s U.S. passport, passport card, or driver’s license information is incorrect.

Final Nonconfirmation

E-Verify cannot confirm the employee’s employment eligibility after the employee visited SSA or contacted DHS.


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