As a federal contractor using E-Verify, your company must comply with the federal contractor-specific terms of the E-Verify MOU. The MOU can be found at

Depending on when your company enrolled in E-Verify, the MOU that your company signed may not contain the new federal contractor-specific terms. It is not necessary for you to re-enroll and sign a new MOU. However, your company is bound by the new MOU. Under the terms of your current MOU, E‑Verify reserves the right to provide you with notice of any system changes including those relating to federal contractors with the FAR E-Verify clause. E-Verify also provides training materials that contain information for users about any changes to the system.

All E-Verify-enrolled companies enrolled as a ‘Federal Contractor with FAR E-Verify clause’ must comply with the terms of the current MOU irrespective of the date when they signed their own MOU or whether the MOU signed by that company differs in any way from the current MOU available.

We strongly recommend that you review the current MOU to ensure your company complies with, and agrees to, any new terms.

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