2.1.1 Receipts

If the employee presents an acceptable receipt for Form I-9 showing that he or she applied to replace a document that was lost, stolen, or damaged, the employer must wait to create a case in E-Verify. When the employee provides the actual document for which the receipt was presented, or other Form I-9 documentation from the List of Acceptable documents, the employer must update the employee’s Form I-9 and then create a case in E-Verify for the employee.

However, employers must create the E-Verify case by the third business day after the employee is hired if the employee presents one of the following documents, which are also considered receipts:

  • The arrival portion of Form I-94/I-94A with a temporary Form I-551 Alien Documentation, Identification & Telecommunications (ADIT) stamp and a photograph of the individual.
  • The departure portion of Form I-94 with a refugee admission stamp or computer-generated printout of Form I-94 with admission code “RE.”

For more information on acceptable receipts, see the Handbook for Employers (M-274) or visit Receipts on I-9 Central.

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