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3.2 E-Verify Needs More Time

A case result of E-Verify Needs More Time means that DHS cannot verify the data and needs more time. The case is automatically referred for further verification. DHS will respond to most of these cases within 24 hours, although some responses may take up to 3 federal government working days. No action is required by either you or the employee at this time, but you can check E-Verify daily for a response. Employers may not terminate or take any other adverse action against an employee (such as denying work, delaying training, withholding pay, or otherwise assuming that he or she is not authorized to work) because of the mismatch, until the mismatch becomes a Final Nonconfirmation. See E-Verify Needs More Time – Process Overview. 

E-Verify Needs More Time - Process Overview

  • E-Verify displays a E-Verify Needs More Time case result in the View/Search Cases screen. See Section 4.2 Case Alerts and View/Search Cases for guidance on how to search for and view existing cases in E-Verify.
  • When you open a case with a E-Verify Needs More Time case result, E-Verify displays the E-Verify Needs More Time screen below.
  • Screen shot of E-Verify screen with E-Verify Needs More Time case result.
  • Check E-Verify for changes to case results.
  • DHS may take 3 federal government working days to respond.
  • Follow the next step based on the case result provided.

After the 3 federal government working days, a E-Verify Needs More Time case result will provide one of the following case results:

  • Employment Authorized, Section 3.1
  • Tentative Nonconfirmation (Mismatch), Section 3.3
  • Case in Continuance, Section 3.4

Each case result requires its own actions or steps to continue or close the case. These actions are outlined in the case result sections throughout this manual.

E-Verify Needs More Time Summary

Employer Action

  • Check E-Verify for case result updates
  • Follow next steps based on case result provided
  • An employer may not take adverse action against an employee because of a E-Verify Needs More Time result

Employee Action

  • None
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