Participating employers use E-Verify through an access method that is determined during the enrollment process. An access method is a type of E-Verify account that offers different features for specific types of organizations. The four access methods include employer, E-Verify employer agent, corporate administrator, and web services.

The access methods are explained in the Access Method Overview. For more information, visit the Getting Started section at www.E-Verify.gov.




Employer Access

Employer plans to use E-Verify to verify its employees

Most E-Verify participants, regardless of their business size or structure, are enrolled under the employer access method. This access method allows an employer to create cases in E-Verify for its newly hired employees and/or employees assigned to a covered federal contract.

E-Verify Employer Agent Access

Employer agent plans to use E-Verify on behalf of its clients to verify their clients’ employees

The E-Verify employer agent access method allows an individual or company to act on behalf of other employers to create cases in E-Verify for other employers’ newly hired employees and/or employees assigned to a covered federal contract. The E-Verify employer agent may also create cases for their own employees.

Corporate Administrator Access

Employer has a central office that needs to manage E-Verify use for all of its locations that access E-Verify

Corporate administrator access is used only to manage multiple employer accounts. Corporate administrators cannot create or manage individual E-Verify cases.


Web Services Access for Employers


Web Services Access for E‑Verify Employer Agents

Employer plans to develop its own software to access E-Verify

The web services access method requires an employer to develop software that interfaces with E-Verify to create cases. The employer’s software will extract data from its existing system or an electronic Form I-9 and transmit the information to E-Verify. Those that choose this option receive a web services Interface Control Agreement which contains the information used to develop and test the software interface. Both employers and E‑Verify employer agents are eligible to use this access method.


If an employer has enrolled as a corporate administrator in error it may contact the E-Verify Contact Center. You may also email E-Verify at E‑Verify@dhs.gov or send a request to terminate your E-Verify corporate administrator account, see Section 5.4. Once a termination confirmation email is received, the employer may re-enroll with an employer account.

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