1.2.1 Access Methods

When employers enroll in E-Verify, they choose an access method. Access methods are types of E-Verify accounts that determine who creates and manages the employer’s E-Verify cases. The four access methods include: employer, E-Verify employer agent, corporate administrator, and web services.

The access methods are explained in the Access Method Overview. For more information, visit the Enrolling in E-Verify section at www.E-Verify.gov.


Employer Access

Employer plans to use E-Verify to verify its employees

This access method allows employers to create and manage their own cases directly in E-Verify. Most E-Verify participants, regardless of their business size or structure, are enrolled under the employer access method.

E-Verify Employer Agent Access

Employer agent plans to use E-Verify on behalf of its clients to verify the clients’ employees.

The E-Verify employer agent access method allows an individual or company to act on behalf of other employers to create and manage the E-Verify cases of the other employers. The E-Verify employer agent may also create cases for its own employees.

Corporate Administrator Access

Employer has a central office that needs to manage E-Verify use for all of its locations that access E-Verify

Corporate administrator access is used only to manage multiple employer accounts. Corporate administrators cannot create or manage individual E-Verify cases.

Web Services Access for Employers


Web Services Access for E‑Verify Employer Agents

Employer plans to develop its own software to access E-Verify

The web services access method requires an employer to develop software that interfaces with E-Verify to create and manage cases. The employer’s software should extract data from its existing system or an electronic Form I-9 and transmit the information to E-Verify. Employers who choose this option receive a web services Interface Control Agreement (ICA) which contains the information used to develop and test the software interface. Both employers and E Verify employer agents can use this access method.

Alert Type info

Enrollment error?

If an employer has enrolled as a corporate administrator in error it may contact the E-Verify Contact Center. You may also email E-Verify at E‑Verify@uscis.dhs.gov or send a request to terminate your E-Verify corporate administrator account, see Section 5.4. Once a termination confirmation email is received, the employer may re-enroll with an employer account.

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