3.5 Final Nonconfirmation Case Checklist

E-Verify provides a Final Nonconfirmation case result when E-Verify cannot confirm an employee’s employment eligibility after the employee:

  • Contacted DHS and/or visited a SSA field office and/or contacted DHS during the mismatch referral process;
  • Failed to Call DHS and/or visit SSA within 8 federal government working days; or
  • Did not give the employer their decision on whether to take action to resolve mismatch by the end of the 10th federal government working day after E-Verify issued the mismatch result.

NOTE: Use this checklist along with the current MOU and the current E-Verify User Manual.

# Question/Response Section Response Notes
5.0 Do you review the case results for employees who have E-Verify cases with Final Nonconfirmation results with DHS or SSA? Case Alerts and View/Search Cases – Process Overview
5.1 Do you immediately close the cases resulting in a Final Nonconfirmation result? Final Nonconfirmation – Process Overview and Close Case – Process Overview
5.2 If an employee receives a Final Nonconfirmation result and you continue to employ the employee, do you notify DHS of that continued employment when closing the case? Close Case – Process Overview
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