3.1 Account Maintenance Activities Checklist

Program administrators must maintain accurate company information in the company profile. DHS recommends that E-Verify employers perform account maintenance activities once or twice a year to ensure their accounts contain current contact information and that the accounts of users who are no longer with the company are deleted.

NOTE: Use this checklist along with the current MOU and the current E-Verify User Manual.

# Question/Response Section Response Notes
1.0 Has each user reviewed and updated their username, telephone number, and email address (with valid first and last name)? Edit Profile – Process Overview
1.1 Does each user have a separate user ID and password? User ID and Password Creation – Process Overview
1.2 Does each user have access to the current E-Verify User Manual?
1.3 Has each user reviewed the current E-Verify User Manual?
1.4 Has each user reviewed the E-Verify MOU? MOU Example (PDF)
1.5 Are the Notice of E-Verify Participation and Right to Work posters posted in English and Spanish and in plain view at all your hiring sites? User Roles and Responsibilities – Process Overview and Poster Samples
1.6 If the posters cannot be posted in plain view, are the posters displayed using an alternative method, such as your company’s website or within the company’s application and onboarding packages?
1.7 Does the program administrator delete all user accounts, for those who no longer need access to E-Verify? Delete User Account – Process Overview
1.8 Does the program administrator ensure that all point of contacts’ information is updated and that at least one valid point of contact is listed in E-Verify? Update Points of Contact – Process Overview
1.9 Does the account have at least one program administrator? User Role Overview
1.10 Does the account have at least one point of contact? Update Points of Contact – Process Overview
1.11 Is the company profile up to date? Edit Company Profile – Process Overview
1.12 Has each E-Verify user completed the tutorial, including any refresher tutorial?
1.13 Does each user know who the company’s current program administrator is?
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