2.1 Verification Locations vs. Hiring Sites

There are two types of company locations in E-Verify: verification locations and hiring sites. It is important to recognize the difference between verification locations and hiring sites to determine how to organize the employer’s E-Verify accounts. It is possible for a verification location and a hiring site to be the same. Verification locations and hiring sites are described below.

IMPORTANT: A corporate administrator account does not permit you to create E-Verify cases so you must enroll at least one verification location in E-Verify.


A verification location is where the employer’s staff takes the information from an employee’s Form I-9 and creates a case in E-Verify. Generally, each verification location has its own employer account (see the Corporate Administrator Organization Overview).

If the employer has staff at each location that uses E-Verify, then each location is considered a verification location. If the employer centralizes the use of E-Verify to certain locations, then only those locations are considered verification locations.

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