2.2 Enroll Verification Locations

Corporate administrators can enroll the employer’s verification locations in E-Verify through the corporate administrator account. In addition, an existing employer account may be linked to the corporate administrator account by a program administrator (see Appendix A).

IMPORTANT: A verification location should not be added if an employer account already exists.

To enroll a verification location, the corporate administrator must provide the information for that location in E-Verify. Although, a corporate administrator account does not require an MOU, an MOU must be electronically signed for each verification location that is enrolled in E-Verify.

If a verification location no longer needs an E-Verify account, a corporate administrator or program administrator must terminate that account. To terminate a verification location’s account, see Terminate Company Participation – Process Overview in Section 2.6

To enroll a new verification location in E-Verify, follow the steps in Enroll Verification Location-Process Overview.


  1. Enter Company Information

    • From Company, select Add New Location.

    • Screen shot of left nav menu showing the Add New Location menu option
    • The Search Company function may automatically populate some of the company’s information for the new company location.
    • To search for the company’s information:
      • From the Company Information tab, enter the company name, city and state. Click, Search Companies and scroll down to view the results.
      • Select the appropriate company and click Continue.
      • If the company information is auto-populated review the information for accuracy and enter the information for any fields that could not be populated.
      • To enter the company information manually click Skip Auto-Populate.
      • screen capture showing the Skip Auto-Populate button
    • Enter the information including company name, Employer Identification Number, total number of employees, physical address and mailing address. A red asterisk (*) indicates a required field.
    • Enter the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code and click Save & Continue. If you do not have the number, click Don’t Know to determine the company’s NAICS code.
    • screen capture showing the NAICS Code "Don't Know" Option Button
    • To determine the NAICS code, select the appropriate sector and subsector from the drop-down list. The resulting NAICS code will appear.
    • Click Save & Continue.
  2. Select Employer Category
    • Select the category that best describes the company.
    • screen capture showing "Which category best describes Company?" Employer Category page
      IMPORTANT: If you indicate Federal Contractor with FAR E-Verify Clause, you will be required to select the federal contractor category that best describes the organization and indicate who will be verified. For additional information, refer to the E-Verify Supplemental Guide for Federal Contractors.
  3. Indicate Hiring Sites
    • Click Add New to add participating hiring sites.
      screen capture showing "Add New" button under the Begin Adding Hiring Sites page
    • Enter all the required information, and then click Add.
      screen capture showing "Address" required fields under the Add New Hiring Site page
    • Click Save & Continue.

      To add multiple hiring sites, follow the steps outlined in the following Bulk Upload of Hiring Sites – Process Overview.

      Bulk Upload of Hiring Sites

      The bulk upload function allows you to add multiple hiring sites by uploading a file. To use the bulk upload function, you must create a comma separated value (.csv) file with the hiring site addresses.

    • From the hiring sites tab, select Bulk Upload.
      Screen capture of "Bulk Upload" option under Hiring Sites Page

    • If you need to create a .csv file, click Download CSV Samples to open a pre-formatted .csv file. Add the hiring site addresses to the .csv file and save the document. Click Browse to locate the file and then click Upload.
      Screen capture of "Bulk Upload" download CSV file option under Bulk Upload Client Hiring Sites Page
    • Using the drop-down menu, match the columns in the .csv file to the E-Verify fields.
    • Click Validate Fields.
    • E-Verify will identify and separate any errors in the .csv file. The errors will be noted on the Import Summary page.
      Screen capture of "Import Summary" results page after bulk upload of Hiring Sites Page
      If you encounter errors during the bulk upload process, click Export Errors from the Import Summary page.
    • Click Add “X” Sites to complete the bulk upload process for hiring sites.
  4. Add Contact(s)
    • Click Add New to add a new point of contact.
      screen capture showing "Add New" button under the Add Contacts page
    • Provide the the contact’s name, phone number, and email address and click Add.screen capture showing "FName, LName & Phone#" as required fields under the Add Program Administrator page

      The contact will automatically be a program administrator. Program administrators can add other users, create cases, update the company information, create reports and unlock user accounts.

    • Click Save & Continue.

  5. Review and Submit Information
    • Review the company information then click Submit Enrollment.
    • Click View MOU and and print a copy of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) you electronically signed.

NOTE: The registered program administrators usually receive a confirmation email within a few minutes once the enrollment is complete. Instruct the verification locations’ program administrator to check his or her email inbox as well as spam or junk mail folders because sometimes these emails are mistakenly marked as spam. If the email is not received within 48 hours, call the E-Verify Contact Center at 888-464-4218 for assistance.

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