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2.1.1 Hiring Sites

A hiring site is the location where the employer hires employees and they complete Form I-9. If your company creates cases in E-Verify at the same location, it is a verification location and a hiring site.

Employers select which sites participate in E-Verify on a hiring site by hiring site basis. This means that if you decide to have a hiring site participate in E-Verify, you must verify all newly hired employees for that hiring site. If you decide not to have a hiring site participate, you are not permitted to verify any employees at that location.

Corporate Administrators can modify the number of hiring sites that participate in E-Verify in each state, see Section 2.3. A participating hiring site means that the company will create an E-Verify case for every newly hired employee who is hired and completes their Form I-9 at that site. A program administrator at the verification location may also update the hiring site information.

The ‘Corporate Administrator Organization Overview’ provides an example of the organization for an employer with multiple verification locations and hiring sites enrolled in E-Verify with a corporate administrator account.


Corporate Administrator Organization Overview diagram. Shows 3  organizational levels. Bottom level is hiring sites, middle level is verification locations (employer accounts) and top level corporate administrator which is the company headquarters.

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