Corporate administrators can view all the verification locations linked to their E-Verify corporate administrator account. View Existing Locations allows you to view, search and maintain the verification locations assigned to your E-Verify corporate administrator account. When you need to complete this action follow the steps in the View Existing Locations – Process Overview.



  • From Company Locations, select View Existing Locations.
    screen capture of left nav menu showing the View Existing Locations menu option
  • Search for a user by entering criteria requested in any field. You can enter a partial name and a percent sign (%) as a wildcard character.
    screen capture of the Enter Company Search Criteria page
  • Click Search.
  • This displays a list of user accounts. You can view or modify a user account by selecting the User ID link.
    Screenshot of the Company Information screen after the company information has been entered.  View MOU button on the bottom of the screen.


The E-Verify company ID number for the verification location is located at top of the Company Information page.


A corporate administrator may update the verification location’s Company Information page. For additional information on each field, see Company Information – Overview.

To modify any section of the Company Information page, click View/Edit in the section you want to modify (for example, company name and physical location, points of contact, NAICS code, total hiring sites and total points of contact).

NOTE: The verification location information can also be modified by a program administrator at the verification location.


Any information you update will not change your verification location’s original electronically signed MOU.


Field Name


Company Name

Name of employer enrolled in E-Verify.

Physical Location

Location where the employer creates E-Verify cases.

Mailing Address

Employer’s mailing address (if this address is different from the physical address).

Additional Information

Additional information about the size of the employer and any associated corporate parent company information, if applicable.

Employer Identification Number

Also known as federal tax identification number. Generally, most employers are required to have an employer identification number and any employer that has employees is required to have one for wage and tax reporting purposes.

Parent Organization

An organization that owns or controls other organizations (sometimes called subsidiaries).


Employers may link their employer accounts to a corporate administrator account (also called an E-Verify corporate account). This gives your corporate administrator access to your employer or E-Verify employer agent account profile, user administration and reports that contain case information. You should link your account only if you have been instructed to do so by your corporate administrator.

Organization Designation

The category that identifies the employer as a federal, state or local government organization or a federal contractor with the FAR E-Verify clause in their federal contract, if applicable.

Total Hiring Sites Locations where your company’s employees are hired. Typically, a hiring site is where an employee completes Form I-9.


Corporate administrators may view the MOU between E-Verify and the employer for each verification location. To view the MOU for a verification location, follow the steps outlined in the View MOU - Process Overview.

  • Follow the steps in View Existing Locations – Process Overview to find the verification location for which you need to view the MOU.
  • From the Company Information page, click View MOU at the bottom of the screen.
    Screenshot of the Company Information screen after the company information has been entered. A red arrow is pointing at the View MOU button on the bottom of the screen.
  • The MOU that was electronically signed for that verification location will appear in a new window. If the MOU does not load, ensure that your pop-up blocker is disabled.

IMPORTANT: Once the MOU is submitted during enrollment, the information that appears on the MOU cannot be changed. However, you can update the company’s information in E-Verify to reflect any changes. If you need to provide proof of the employer’s enrollment in E-Verify, you may print a copy of the employer’s information page which will also reflect any changes and updates to their information.

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